How it Works

Initial Meeting

You meet with the mediator either on your own or together with your ex-partner (you decide which). This is an opportunity for you to talk about the current situation, to consider your options and to decide whether you wish to continue with mediation. The mediator will also assess all the circumstances to ensure that mediation is suitable.

Joint Meetings

Usually people attend two to four joint meeting with their ex-partner, depending on the complexity of issues. Each meeting lasts around 90 minutes.

If you are mediating about financial and property matters, the mediator will facilitate an exchange of information and documents between you. She will assist you to develop and evaluate options. When you reach agreements, she will write these up for you and discuss next steps with you, including how to get agreements made legally binding.

The initial meeting is a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM). If mediation does not proceed, the mediator can sign court forms as needed.

Suitability and Safety

The safety of children and adults is always paramount and mediation may not be suitable in every situation. Screening for any child protection and/or domestic violence concerns forms a routine part of initial meetings.

If concerns are raised about a risk of harm,  particularly to a child, the mediator may need to inform the appropriate authorities.